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Our mission:

Music in Schools Today is a non-profit organization that supports and develops music education programs that increase student achievement.

Music nurtures the human spirit, promotes personal development, and is central to learning and the creative process. Music and the arts are as essential to a well-rounded education as literacy, math and science. Music, both in and out of the classroom, promotes physical well-being and social understanding and helps build bridges within local and global communities.

Music in Schools Today was founded in 1983 as the San Francisco Instrumental and Theatrical for Youth Fund. In 1989, we changed our name to Music in Schools Today (MUST) and began supporting music programs in the San Francisco Bay Area, including establishing and supporting many comprehensive arts programs.

In the past decade, MUST has responded to changing school needs by increasing in-school artist programs, developing music, theater and visual arts programs and returning to our original role in advocacy. We have collaborated with the National Head Start Association to create Music First!, a ground-breaking music and literacy program. Music in Schools Today currently serves over 30 sites, bringing excellence in music education to all corners of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Our staff

Our staff works hard to ensure that our programs are operating at full efficiency, and that our Teaching Artists and partner schools feel supported in delivering excellent music education to their students.


Meg Madden, Executive Director

Marlena Cannon, General Manager

Pedro Rivas Lopez, Program Manager

Ami Molinelli, Music Integration Director

Megan Udell, Program Assistant

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Our board

Our Board of Trustees are group of local professionals dedicated to the cause of supporting music education in schools.

Board of Trustees


Dan Ashley, Board Chair
Larry Batiste
Dr. Sandra Calman
Lalo Davis
Lovester Law
Jacopo Lenzi
Paul McCoy

Dr. Richard Bohannon
Gregg Perloff
Don Sanchez
Dr. Alan Schroeder
JP Harbour
James Teiser
Jamie Leigh Teiser


Advisory Board

Michael Aczon
Dick Bright
Tre Cool
Jerry Fiddler
Danny Glover

Daniel Grossman
Barbara Henry
Leslie Ann Jones
Mike Kappus
Jordan Kurland

Alex Rappaport
Joe Satriani
Eric Schwartz
Rick Swig
Mary Vogt
Cheryl Ward

Mark Leno
Dennis McNally
Kitty Margolis
Michael Morgan
Alfonso Montuori


Our Supporters

Another Planet Entertainment
Bill Graham Foundation
California Arts Council
Charles McBurney Foundation
Clorox Company Foundation
Crescent Porter Hale
Dale Family Fund
George L. Shields Foundation
Grace Jones Richardson Trust
Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation
Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund
John & Marcia Goldman Foundation 
Koret Foundation

Langendorf Foundation 
Orchard House Foundation
Quest Foundation
Scandling Family Foundation
Schroeder Family Fund
Sequoia Trust
Sidney Stern Memorial Trust
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
The Morris Stulsaft Foundation
The Sam Mazza Foundation
TOSA Foundation
Walter and Elise Haas Fund
Wells Fargo Foundation
William H. Donner Foundation
Wilsey Foundation