Music in Schools Today is a non-profit organization that supports and develops music education programs that increase student achievement.

To do this, we work with professional Teaching Artists to develop curriculum and provide low-cost music and arts education to PreK-12 schools at no cost to students and their families. Through collaboration with schools, local artists, education specialists, we work locally to ensure a future where every child is curious and engaged in learning through the power of music.

Music in Schools Today works in three areas: arts enrichment, arts integration, and instrument donations. Our arts enrichment and integration programs reflect national and state arts and education standards and integrate standards for developing social and emotional intelligence in students. Classes are developed and taught by trained Teaching Artists. These in-school and afterschool programs include music, band, dance, and visual arts classes.

MUST’s instrument donation program has placed over $1 million worth of gently used instruments into the hands of students across the Bay Area. We accept instruments at three Bay Area locations year-round and during our annual instrument drive.

30 Teaching Artists

85 classes

30 sites 5 districts

2100 students

MUST has been providing high quality and innovative music education to Oakland Unified School District students, and staff over the past ten years, when we first embarked on a mission to reinvent our music program. MUST has consistently provided the necessary assistance to move our program from a model of instruction over 50 years old to one that is a model 21st Century. Their support has helped to ensure the survival of music education for the future in Oakland’s public for the schools.
— Phil Rydeen, VAPA Manager at Oakland Unified
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Thank you and the MUST program for making your wonderful staff and teaching artists available to our program and teachers! We saw improvements in social-emotional, literacy and math skills in all of our classes that participated in your program. I love that Music First! integrates music with all domains of learning and that it is presented in a way that is fun and engaging for the children. This is truly what we want our classroom teachers to be doing in the classroom in terms of curriculum, so we love the modeling this program offers. Thank you for your continued partnership with us, we look forward to next school year!
— Jennifer Bernard, Education Manager for IHSD