We got the grant!

It’s a BIG day in the MUST office, because we got the grant!

Grants totaling $16,376,475 have been awarded to nonprofit organizations and units of government across California this week by the California Arts Council, and Music in Schools Today is one of the organizations receiving support for programs.

“To show support for these organizations-the ones who inspire and make those crucial connections to creativity and culture within our communities-it’s a confirmation of our faith in and gratitude for that vision. This is without a doubt the most fulfilling aspect of our work as Council Members each year, to recognize those doing real, organic work to make a difference for the people of California.”

Music in Schools Today has received TWO grants for the 2018-2019 year:

Organizational Development: The Organizational Development program (formerly the Consulting strand of the Professional Development and Consulting program) builds nonprofit arts organizations’ capacity for success through small grants to support consulting services, and

Artists in Schools: The Arts Education: Artists in Schools program supports projects that integrate community arts resources-local artists and nonprofit arts organizations-into comprehensive, standards-based arts-learning for PreK-12 students during the school day. Applicants’ projects must take place during regular school hours at the school site, and should address the unique circumstances of the school environment.

Thanks to these grants, MUST is able to continue providing exceptional music education in the Bay Area, especially with regard to our Music First! music and literacy program!

“Our state is the most creative state in the country, by far. There’s no shortage to the hunger for arts and culture experiences. Governor Brown and our legislators have shown through a continued steady increase in funding that they understand and share that appetite. We’re honored to offer our support for these programs that promote what can only be described as essential to our way of life in California.”

-Anne Bown-Crawford, California Arts Council Director

Music in Schools Today is honored to be a part of the legacy of the arts in California, and we can’t wait to see what is in store for us this coming year! Thank you again to the California Arts Council for their support of MUST and our programs!



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