This Spring, donate to keep music in schools!

Olga Ilyin is a dedicated teacher at the preschool program in San Bruno Park Unified School District. She works hard to ensure her students learn the core skills needed to enter and excel in primary school. After starting Music First! classes with her students, she has seen an increase in participation and enthusiasm with the children because their lessons incorporate rhythm, percussion instruments, and songs.

“We love our Music First! Teaching Artist and the students love him too! This year I took the African song “Tse Tse Kule” and mixed it into a parade through our classroom. I’ve made suggestions to our site supervisor that we should incorporate our program into the graduation ceremony.”

Olga is just one of over 75 teachers utilizing MUST’s classes to enhance the learning of 2,500 students each semester here in the Bay Area. Thanks to donors like you, we can continue to reach the children that need it most. Music in Schools Today leads the way in ensuring every child in the Bay Area has access to quality music education!

We are asking you to make a donation keep our classes in schools so that teachers like Olga can continue to include music education in their classrooms. $100 provides 20 students with one hour of music education and $500 provides instruments for an entire music class. A donation of $2500 provides 20 students a semester-long music class, and $5000 provides 20 students a yearlong music class.

Our programs provide gently used instruments, improve literacy skills in our pre-school program, and teach about new cultures in our elementary school program.  This year our musical instrument donation program reached over 51,000 children, and we provided in-school and after-school music programs to over 5,000 children in the districts of Daly City, Oakland, San Bruno, San Francisco, San Lorenzo, and San Mateo. You can make a critical difference with your tax-deductible donation

To keep free music programs available to children in the Bay Area, we need your help! Please donate today at!




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