The Importance of Culminating Events in Art Programs

San Lorenzo Unified School District celebrated the importance of arts in schools this past April 6th. Across all elementary schools, students who participated in a district wide arts enrichment program, provided by Music in Schools Today, demonstrated their learning of the arts to their peers, teachers and parents. Students performed dances, yoga, guitar, body empowerment, puppetry, and musical composition while others shared their arts portfolio’s, ceramics, and paintings.

Culminating Events as opposed to performances or recitals are a way for students to share their learning in a way that they choose: either a presentation, demonstration, or discussion. By being actively involved in how they will present information, students have a deeper knowledge of the subject, learn collaboration and team building skills, and gain real world experience in articulating their ideas to others.  Above you can see the various art and music projects student investigated.

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