The Five Best Talks from SXSW EDU 2019

The Five Best Talks from SXSW EDU 2019

Last week was the SXSW EDU Conference and Festival, an event that invites educators and visionaries to speak on topics covering all aspects of education today. SXSW EDU features a diverse array of speakers, sessions, workshops, learning experiences, policy discussions and film screenings programmed to foster learning and discovery for all education stakeholders.

Below are 5 of the best talks from this year’s conference, guaranteed to inspire anyone interested in improving education. Stick around for #5 on why music matters in shaping the next generation!

1. Jennifer Gonzalez on the Aerodynamics of Exceptional Schools 

“In any school, just as in air travel, different forces impact our progress: some of these forces push us forward and lift us up, while others pull us back and drag us down. The success of our schools depends largely on how well we manage these forces. By applying wisdom from change management theory, instructional coaching, the tech industry, and even the fitness world, we can learn how to fight weight and drag, increase lift and thrust, and make our schools truly exceptional.” [link]


2. LeVar Burton and Alicia Levi in A Gift of Literacy

“We can change the world with literacy, it’s the key to freedom, I genuinely believe that.”
-LeVar Burton [link]


3. Patrick Awuah Jr on Turning Challenges into Opportunities

“Education is the harbinger of hope for communities facing impossible challenges. While Africa’s image is often equated with poverty and conflict, the continent has the potential for rapid development. Ashesi University exemplifies this potential with a model focused on equipping students with leadership development, firm ethical foundations and entrepreneurial thinking. In doing so, Ashesi demonstrates that from overwhelming challenges come the greatest opportunities.” [link]


4. David Hogg & Dan Rather on Young People Win: Rethinking Advocacy in a New Era

David Hogg, co-founder of March For Our Lives, in conversation with Dan Rather discuss what our country and politics can look like when we let young people lead and dedicate ourselves to fostering that power in youth voice, advocacy, and leadership at SXSW EDU.” [link]


5. Lee Ann Womack, Clayton Anderson, & Barry Zito on Why Music Matters

“Music is a means of expression—and through expression comes the power to unify, collaborate and explore. It’s a social connector and universal communicator. Yet music education is sadly underfunded and overlooked. For our panelists, being involved in music education provided a safe and inclusive space to create and grow. Learn how music impacted and continues to influence their personal and professional lives, giving them the confidence, leadership skills, and inspiration to live their dreams.” [link]


Which of this year’s talks was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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