Thank you, Reverb!

Thank you, Reverb!

This Fall, Music in Schools Today provided 55 classes and over 1,300 children in the Bay Area with quality music education. We’ve been teaching and advocating for music education for over 35 years, but everyone needs a little help from time to time. That’s why we are so grateful to for their generous donation of instruments for our programs!

A student with a guitar donated by Reverb!

Thanks to their support, we were able to provide instruments for several Music Enrichment classes, as well as musical instrument kits for our Music First! classes. These include guitars, drums, shakers, and various percussion instruments which are being used every week by students for pre-K through 8th grade!

A MUST percussion class keeps rhythm on drums donated by Reverb.

Thanks to Reverb, we’ve been able to put 184 instruments in the hands of children in our community just this Fall. We’ve taught them how to play their instruments to express themselves and set them up on the path of achievement in school and in the arts.

A student in the East Bay demonstrates proper playing posture with his Reverb guitar.

Much thanks to the folks at for their support of music education and Music in Schools Today!

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