Thank you Green Apple for a Great Partnership


MUST is committed to buying local and Green Apple Bookstore is helping us to bring literacy and music to over 800 Bay Area students age 3-5. We have been working with our Music First! early education program (preK-2nd) for almost five years now.  What makes our music program unique is that we are offering our program as a music and literacy program.  Involving pre-literacy skill connections between music and literacy is a perfect fit for early learners.  Here are the three things I find make our program unique:

  1. Each music lesson, is taught by a professional musician also known as a teaching artist who is able to highlight their instrument and profession as an individual professional artist as well as educator.  We feel it’s important to show young learners that more than just music appreciation, there are wonderful talented and professional musicians making their living as an artist in our rich and culturally diverse home of the Bay Area.  
  2. Each lesson in music is paired with a book or story. Music is a language and most studies and experiences prove that students learn to read and learn language faster with the help of music.  
  3. We bring the instruments and books into the classroom and give the teachers and the students recordings of the music and the instruments to use, bang on or use for extension activities throughout our residency.  We also align our curriculum with California state standards in Visual and Performing Arts for as young as the preschool level.

What I am thrilled about is that this year we reached out to our local bookstore, Green Apple Books and asked if we could purchase our books for 50 classrooms and 3 school districts!  Not only did they say a resounding “YES” but they also gave us an educational discount.  We thought for our first blog about Music First! It was only fitting to highlight one of our literary partners!

We love this partnership!  MUST has partnered with Green Apple to bring students and teachers books in our MUSIC FIRST program!   Here are 13 Fun Facts About Green Apple Bookstore:

13 Fun Facts About Green Apple Bookstore

  1. Dave Eggers is a regular and a fan–he wrote an essay about Green Apple for a book called My Bookstore: Writers Celebrate Their Favorite places to Browse, Read and Shop.
  2. They have an amazing children’s books area that caters to San Francisco-themed books and has everything for young people, from a board book area to picture books to young adult fiction.
  3. Richard Savoy started Green Apple Books as a used bookstore in 1967.
  4. It has been in the same location since 1967; it has expanded from 750 square feet to over 8,000 across 3 buildings on the north side of Clement Street.
  5. Mr. Savoy ran the store until about 2000, when he handed the reins over to three longtime staff members: Kevin Hunsanger, Kevin Ryan, and Pete Mulvihill.
  6. It was just named a Legacy Business by the city and county of San Francisco.
  7. They buy used books and music everyday, so you can sell or trade books you’ve already read for something new.
  8. Green Apple Books expanded into the Sunset neighborhood in 2014 with their second location Books on the Park on 9th Avenue.
  9. The name “Green Apple” refers to the story of Adam and Eve–in biting the apple, they chose knowledge over paradise.  The mural across the original storefront’s second story illustrates this.
  10. For the store’s 40th anniversary in 2007, Green Apple Books gave a $10 store credit to every third grader in public school in San Francisco.  That’s 3,900 students!
  11. Green Apple Books is planning an epic celebration for its 50th Anniversary in 2017 but has no details to share yet.
  12. Green Apple partners with several local schools and businesses to provide new books in bulk at discounted prices.
  13.  Between the two stores, Green Apple has about 35 employees.  They are writers, poets, swimmers, rowers, runners, teachers, DJs, photographers, surfers, hikers, Giants fans, dog-lovers, cat-lovers, artists, fighters, community organizers, beach-goers, cyclists, thinkers, nappers, and, above all, readers!

Thank you Green Apple for all you do!  To learn more about our MUSIC FIRST program, click HERE!  




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