Stories From the Instrument Fairy

Have you ever wondered what happens to the instruments that are donated to MUST?

Every week we receive gently used instruments at one of our three drop-off locations in the Bay Area. This includes our offices in downtown San Francisco, Music at Kohl Mansion in Burlingame, and the East Bay Center for Performing Arts in Richmond. These instruments are then given to schools who have 65% or more of their students receiving free or reduced lunch. For some schools this means a few more students can take music lessons, for other schools it means they can start a new or lapsed music program.

When it comes time to make a delivery, we send out our Instrument Fairy (AKA our Associate Director, Barie)!  “Delivering instruments to schools is the best part of my job! To see the excitement on the children’s faces makes it all worth it.”

This fall we will continue our partnership with KDFC to expand our drop-off sites for a two week instrument drive. In 2016 we had 12 locations and received 315 instruments valued at over $50,000. Stay tuned for dates!

If you’d like to hear the story of a flute that went from donor to student, you can listen here. And check out what our donors and receipent schools are saying about our Adopt an Instrument program:

“You have made our day! Thank you for sharing with us the positive impact of ours and the many other donations. I think this is such a valuable service KDFC is providing to Silicon Valley’s underserved youth.” – Kirk Everett, donor and KDFC listener

“I am really grateful for this generosity because it allows access to instruments low-income students normally wouldn’t have and it allows me to do more as an educator because I have the resources.” – Casey Jones, Music Director at Sonoma Valley High School.

“Thanks so much. Still overwhelmed by the community generosity.” -Candace Love, Band Teacher at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District




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