The story of Rachel, and how a violin can change a life

The story of Rachel, and how a violin can change a life

Rachel and everyone else in Mark West Union School District in Santa Rosa, CA emerged safely from the October 2017 fires. Unfortunately, Rachel was one of the many students and teachers who lost their home and belongings. Among the houses and buildings damaged was the lending library at Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, which provides instruments to underserved schools and music programs throughout the North Bay.

Music in Schools Today was quick to respond by replacing instruments so that music classes could go on without further interruption. Donated instruments were delivered directly into the hands of children and replenished the lending library. Included in this delivery was a high-quality violin donated by Roland Feller of San Francisco. Rachel received this violin and as she began to play it for the first time, she was thrilled! She spent more time practicing and when she played her enthusiasm and confidence also grew. Her teacher commented: “It’s amazing what music can do, especially when you are creating it.”

One year later, the music programs in the North Bay are going strong and the Luther Burbank lending library is able to fill every request for instruments! It is because of the generosity of donors like YOU, that MUST was able to help out a community so desperately in need.

Providing instruments is just one of the many ways that MUST reaches Bay Area youth. Whether it’s improving literacy skills in our Music First! pre-school program, learning about new cultures in our Music Enrichment program, or attending a musical instrument petting zoo, MUST leads the way in ensuring every child in the Bay Area has access to high-quality music education. Your support is critical as we plan for the coming year. How many children will be able to participate in our programs? How many schools can we serve? This is all up to you. Your donation will make the difference in how much impact we can have.

To keep free music programs available to children like Rachel, we need your help! Please donate today at  Your tax-deductible donation can do a ton of good in the lives of Bay Area kids.


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