MUSTKazoo is a Must-Do!

School budgets are being cut all over the country, and music programs are often first on the chopping block. Music is as essential to a well-rounded education as literacy, math, and science. It promotes physical well-being, social understanding, and helps build bridges within local and global communities.

What can we do about these cuts? How can we ensure music programs continue in our schools?

MUSTKazoo is a fun and creative way to raise money for music education! Simply record a song on kazoo, donate and tag your friends to do the same! Together we can save music in schools.



How can you participate?

Grab a kazoo, a friend, and your phone or computer and film a video!
Film yourself playing a song on kazoo and other classroom instruments with your bandmates, colleagues, friends, or children. Xylophone, rhythm sticks, jingle bells-the sky is the limit! Then submit your song to

Once you’ve uploaded your video, make a donation to the MUSTKazoo challenge!
Donations can be as small as $1 and as large as your imagination. 100% of your donation goes toward funding music education in schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Next, challenge two more people to do the same! Use the hashtags #mustkazoo and #kazoochallenge and send your video to friends. Challenge them to play their own song on kazoo and donate to the cause themselves. Your song could be featured on the MUSTKazoo website and on social media!

Visit for more information. Have fun, go viral, and raise money for music education!



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