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August 18, 2015

SF Gate

New middle school offers fresh hope in S.F.’s Bayview

“For decades, San Francisco education officials watched as students poured out of the Bayview neighborhood every morning, leaving behind the poorer, more neglected and more crime-ridden southeast side of the city in search of better teachers, better classrooms, better schools…”

August 17, 2015

High School Students Take the Stage with Jazz Standards

“Six area high school students have been making a splash around town as Take 757, a jazz combo that performs old standards in restaurants, bars and other venues in the Historic Triangle. Hamed Barbarji, a rising senior who previously attended Lafayette High School but will be transferring to the Governor’s Schools for the Arts in Norfolk, came up with the idea for the group with the help of Adam Davy, a recent Lafayette graduate who will attend Virginia Commonwealth University to study music in the fall.”

August 13, 2015

San Francisco Business Times

Dan Ashley – People on the Move – San Francisco Business Times

“ABC7 news anchor, philanthropist and musician Dan Ashley, will oversee the non-profit’s board of directors and has just launched Music4Kids, a campaign to fund music education in Bay Area schools with an emphasis on San Francisco, Oakland and San Mateo districts.”

August 12, 2015

Wave 3 News

Elementary school teaches through nature, art, music

“Elementary students at one Jefferson County Public School will learn less through pencil and paper methods and more through hands on experience. Milburn T. Maupin Elementary School, located at 1312 Catalpa Street, will join the JCPS innovation style of teaching for the 2015-2016 school year…”

August 12, 2015

Cortines Emphasizes Arts, Education For Poor Students In Farewell Address

“Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Ramon Cortines gave his farewell address Tuesday as thousands of students prepare for the start of the school year. Cortines, who stepped in to replace the John Deasy, spoke to students at Garfield High in East Los Angeles Tuesday about the importance of music educationand striving for greatness.”

July 30, 2015

Musical Pride

“Petaluma High School music director Cliff Eveland knows that music education is vital to a well-rounded public-school experience. He also knows it’s the first thing to go when budgets fall short. That’s why he established the Petaluma Music Festival, now celebrating its eighth year: to keep music programs alive and well in Petaluma.”

August 11, 2015

Music Accelerates Neurodevelopment of Teen Minds, Says Study

“We have been surprised to learn that through adolescence, ages 14 to 18, the brain continues to refine the way it processes sound. It suggests that enrichment allows the brain to capitalize on auditory experiences—such as music training—to speed up its own development.”

July 22, 2015

Cloverdale Schools Music Campaign

‘We have a wonderful opportunity to promote the arts and education in Cloverdale. As you may be aware our schools have been without a music program for a number of years. The Cloverdale Arts Alliance is honored to join in a collaborative effort with the Cloverdale Unified School District to rectify this sad state of affairs. CAA has committed to providing the instruments needed to bring music back to K-12 through both purchase and an active donation program…’

July 8, 2015

Miami Herald

Beyond the Classroom: If Shakespeare lives, why not Beethoven?

‘Study after study about education reveals the importance of art and music classes. And yet budget after budget, states keep cutting back the arts…So if we still ask our students to read and interpret Shakespeare, shouldn’t we be teaching the same for Mozart? Classic literature and classic music, whether instrumental or choral, go hand in hand…’

July 6, 2015

Silicon Republic

Get the A in STEAM early on – Prof Linda Doyle

‘Inspirefest 2015 keynote speaker Prof Linda Doyle spoke of the need to include artists and designers early in the process of developing technology. In the 1950s, Charles and Ray Eames made a short film ‘primer’ about communications technology. The architect and artist understood the underlying concepts and explained them in a way that still has merit today, according to Inspirefest 2015 keynote speaker Prof Linda Doyle. “They made the most beautiful, amazing objects… and a lot of people know them through that,” she said. “But what I am really interested in is their creative practices, their educational ideas and films they made.”’


Music In Schools Today, STEAM

Why Hard Science Should Invest In Music

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‘Arts are a gateway to learning – especially learning the sciences. As an early, organizing intelligence, music helps children to make connections between subjects, to think “outside of the box”, to hypothesize and to experiment. Music and the arts are not just recreation but education – one of the best, proven ways to integrate learning during the school day, which is now required by national and state Science and Core Standards.’