March in the Parade – A Music Lesson on Finding the Steady Beat


What better way to get your students ready for the Fourth of July then by having them march in a parade? This lesson plan will teach your kids how to count in groups of two and march in a circle.

Goal:  Students feel the pulse or beat in the music by counting in two’s  and marching in a circle.


  1. Have the children sit in a circle ( it’s preferable if they are sitting on a marked line or red tape.)
  2. Play the musical excerpt Stars & Stripes Forever (you can find it free here )
  3. Have students tap out the beat or pulse on their knees.
  4. Have them clap the beat
  5. Next, have them count in groups of 2.   (While clapping beat say: 1-2-1-2-1-2)
  6. Ask them to stand up and stomp the beat while standing in circle
  7. Repeat these if you times in order to reinforce the concept
  8. When you think they are ready. ask them to begin marching to the right  on the beat.  This make take some practice.  

Remember to have fun and……  Happy Fourth of July






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