Making Instruments Using Recycled Material Teaches Science Skills

Making Instruments Using Recycled Material Teaches Important Science Skills in Preschool

Teaching music in preschool, isn’t just about music appreciation.  Music taught at an early age increase students academic and social /emotional learning in years to come.  That is why we are so passionate about our Music First!program. Music First! is a 12-16 week residency where our teaching artists work alongside classroom teachers fostering student’s school readiness skills.  These skills include literacy, math, and science through music.

As part of this curriculum, students explore the importance of recycling by making instruments out of plastic bowls, aluminum foil, paper towel rolls and much more!  In future lessons, students play  rhythmic pattern using their recycled instrument to illustrate characters from a book they are reading.

You can learn more about our MUSIC FIRST! program, here.




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