Happy Music in our Schools Month!

Happy Music in our Schools Month!

Spring is almost here. It’s finally March and that can only mean one thing: its Music in Our Schools Month!

Music In Our Schools Month began as a single statewide Advocacy Day and celebration in New York on March 14, 1973, and grew over the decades to become a month-long celebration of school music in 1985. The celebration lengthened as teachers asked for more time to showcase their music programs.

Since 1985, the National Association for Music Education has been celebrating music in schools every March. They hold the Biggest School Chorus in the World and generally advocate for music in schools across the nation. This year, NAfME and MioSM are encouraging EVERYONE to take part in Music in our Schools Month by launching this year’s theme: All People, All Music.

Music in our Schools Month’s roots in the 1970s.

The purpose of MIOSM is to raise awareness of the importance of music education for all children – and to remind citizens that school is where all children should have access to music. MIOSM is an opportunity for music teachers to bring their music programs to the attention of the school and the community, and to display the benefits that school music brings to students of all ages.

We encourage you to get involved! Music in our Schools Month is open to all, and their website even lists ways to celebrate here. These ideas include:

  • Share photos of how you celebrate Music In Our Schools Month with your students and your community on Instagram and Twitter using #AllMusicAllPeople and ‪#‎MIOSM. Don’t forget to tag @NAfME!
  • “Toot your own horn” with an article on your school website or community newspaper.
  • Invite your administration, school board, or other community members in for class.
  • Share YOUR story with your students. Who inspired you? Why did you pursue music?
  • Create a video for local advocacy. Record your students performing and include an introduction from your principal, mayor, or another leader demonstrating their support for music education.
  • Make a “Music Month” calendar, and suggest that students dress for different musical eras. Play appropriate music as students arrive in the morning and at lunchtime.
  • Add a musical touch to the morning announcements. Try having a “mystery tune” each day, or a music trivia question, with MIOSM prizes for the winner.

There are countless ways to get involved! Visit NAfME and MioSM to find out more!


How will YOU celebrate Music in our Schools Month? Tell us in the comments.



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