Change lives: become a MUST Teaching Artist!

Change lives: become a MUST Teaching Artist!

MUST is looking for enthusiastic artists to teach students in the East Bay! Could you be who we’re looking for? Read on to find out more!

We are looking for Teaching Artists to teach singing, dance, comic book making, and fashion design.

MUST hires Teaching Artists to teach dozens of art forms in an after-school setting for the San Lorenzo Unified School District’s elementary and middle schools. Teaching Artists use their own curriculum and bring their expertise in their art form to their teaching. Teaching Artists are part of a team of 26 teaching artists providing all schools in San Lorenzo with access to the arts.


Dates: October 16, 2018, to mid-Jan 2019
Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Time: 2:40 – 3:40 (Elementary); 3:05 – 4:05 (Middle)
Location: San Lorenzo
Pay is: $75 per hr for 16 sessions over an eight-week period

1) One or more years experience teaching children either as a volunteer or paid position.
2) Expertise in their art form.
3) Kind, enthusiastic and encouraging attitude toward students. 
4) All new hires must clear a background check (for this school district) and must have a clear TB test within the last 4 years.

Are you interested? Know someone who might be? Email to apply by October 11th 2018. 

Interested in learning more about what it’s like to be a teaching artist? Here’s what last year’s MUST TAs had to say:

“I really enjoyed showing and teaching these students about the different uses of all the mediums were utilized this semester. Having answers to their infinite questions about what everything is used for or how to create or draw something new is always a great feeling.”

Students use the skills they learned outside the classroom. I can hear them singing together outside. I also enjoy the conversations about their parents and grandparents knowing the songs they learned and singing with them.”

“I gave them opportunities where I asked them to teach something new to their peers. We often worked in pairs with time for exploring and problem-solving on their own.”

“Students learned how to effectively work together in a group as a band. This provided a point of cohesion within the group and eventually led to comradery and respect between students in the class.”

“The class gave the students the opportunity to develop confidence, musical skills not only singing but learning to recognize musical notations, and understanding different cultures.”

It’s pretty hard not to be moved by these glowing recommendations! Does this sound like a job that resonates with you? Email to apply to be a Teaching Artist by October 11th 2018.

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