After School Enrichment Programs in the Bay Area

After School Enrichment Programs are a great way for students to learn new skills that aren’t usually taught during the school day.  Music in Schools Today has being working with the San Lorenzo School District over the past 4 years bringing after school classes programming including at 9 sites: drumming, visual art, piano, hip-hop dance, chorus.

After School Programs are not only important because student learn new skills, but they foster positive social Emotional Learning.  Our after school programming gives students a chance to explore subject matter is a structured free formed class allowing students to create, and implement ideas, and perform for others.  This ultimately promotes a better relationship with peers and teachers, increases self-confidence, and improves feelings and attitudes toward self and school.

If you are interested in bring an after school Enrichment program to your school, please contact us at:

“I would like to highlight that we have a strong partnership with Music In Schools Today and an appreciation for the importance of the arts in education.  This after school programming was a particular area of interest from parents in the school district.” – Pam VandeKamp, Coordinator of State and Federal Programs San Lorenzo USD

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