2017 SF MusicTech Summit


On October 17th, dozens of amazing organizations from around the Bay Area and beyond showcased the work they are doing in music and technology. It was incredible to converse with so many people who were passionate about music education like we are, and several of them even proposed future collaborations (so stay tuned!).

There were many speakers/panel members throughout the day, but there were a few that really caught our attention. One company that stuck out was WEAV Music, a startup that is developing an app that when you listen during a run, changes the pace of the music based on your heartbeat; but here’s the kick… the pitch stays the same (so basically it always sounds good)! There were also interesting talks on the future of streaming music, and what that means for copyrights, licensing, and artist revenue.

The SF MusicTech Summit is just another example of how MUST is adapting and growing to the ever-changing music world. We hope to strengthen the connections we made as the year progresses, and hopefully we’ll see you next year at the 2018 SF Music and Tech Summit!




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